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Split rail fences are becoming a popular fencing solution for Seattle customers looking to enhance the look of their homes with a rustic flair. They are an affordable fencing option with a pleasant, open design that does not obstruct your view.

Split Rail Fences in Seattle, WA

What Is a Split Rail Fence?

A split rail fence is a low-profile fence with rows of horizontal fence posts. We use vertical beams to support the posts every couple of feet. They can be made from various materials, such as wood. Wood split rails require more maintenance, but they are more affordable.

Why Customers Choose Split Rail Fences

There are several applications for a split rail fence. They are not used for privacy or security, as they are low fences with almost zero view obstructing properties; they are more commonly used to define a property line or contain livestock. They can also be used to give your property a rustic, old-time charm or to create a decoration piece.

Aesthetic Appeal

Split rail fences offer a traditional, rustic look that complements any property. Commonly used for farms or country homes, you can get a modern split rail fence for your suburban home to give it the enhancement it needs to stand out as the most unique home on the block!


Split rail fences are versatile. They can be practical fencing solutions for livestock or pet owners who want to keep their animals safe, but they can also be used to add vibrance to your home as a decorative feature. Split rail fences are customizable, as you can choose between various Cedar wood materials.

Long-lasting Split Rail Fences

Split rail fences are durable. The ultimate longevity of your fence will depend on the wood you want to use. Regular maintenance of your fence will extend its lifespan; we recommend pressure washing your fence on a low-pressure setting and using wood soap. If your split rail fence does require repair, they are easy to restore.


Split rail fences offer excellent affordability. These fences do not require an overhaul of materials, making them inexpensive to install and repair compared to other fencing options. Even if you decide on a split rail, it is still cost-effective, as it is durable and requires minimal repairs and maintenance.

Traditional Types of Split Rail Fences

There are different types of split rail fences. Zig-zag fences are a traditional style; the fence will be made to zigzag along your property and is commonly used in wooded areas. Cedar split fences add a certain flair to your yard while enclosing the perimeter. Double post fences have two matching posts erected at the length of a split rail.

Sealing, Painting, or Staining Your Split Rail

If you want to avoid deterioration caused by the elements, there are preventative measures you can take. Sealing your fence once a year protects it from normal wear and tear. Staining or painting your fence can be a preventative measure to avoid damage from the sun or rain. It would help if you used an oil-based primer prior to paint or stain application.

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