Commercial Wooden and Chain Link Fences

At Alpine Fence Co., we can provide you with wood, iron, specialty, or chain-link fences that accommodate your Seattle, WA commercial property. Our seasoned team has been “Building Better Fences” since 1970, making us a reliable source for all your fencing needs. Our fences will not only give your business the adequate security it requires, but this security is backed by top-quality industrial materials that are guaranteed to last. Indoors or out, big or small, Alpine Fence Co. can build you a commercial fence that truly benefits your property.

Our Commercial Fencing Options

We offer a plethora of fencing options to choose from at Alpine Fence Co., but with so many choices, it can be challenging to select the best type for your commercial needs. While some companies are solely concerned about ample security, others may be more inclined to invest in a fence with an appealing aesthetic. No matter what you’re looking for in a commercial fence, we can provide you with the best fencing solutions in Seattle, WA. Some of the commercial fencing options we can offer include the following:

  • Chain Link Fences – Chain link fences are fast and efficient to install. They are highly customizable, as they can be powder coated in an array of colors. Chain link fences are ideal for securing a perimeter, and we offer slats for privacy that also work to help reduce wind, noise, and dust. Chain link fencing can also be effectively utilized indoors, so warehouses can have the means to create separate secure storage areas for different products. The steel construction of chain link fences is incredibly durable, resists corrosion, and has a superior lifespan. This fencing option is perfect for industrial, construction, and warehouse sites.
  • Wood Fences – Wood fences are attractive and versatile options that are great for providing privacy and security to your commercial space. Wood is not only a beautiful and natural-looking fencing option, but it is also durable enough to guarantee a longer life span than many other affordable fencing options. Additionally, wood fences are entirely customizable, as they can be stained or painted to match the aesthetic of your commercial space.
  • Ornamental Iron Fences – Ornamental iron fences are an industry standard and a favorite for many commercial uses. As a more cost-effective alternative to wrought iron, ornamental fences are great for when you need reliable commercial fencing, fast. They are easy to install and are an excellent fencing option when working with uneven grades of land. Also, ornamental iron fences are a beneficial option for those DIY enthusiasts out there. If you need assistance putting your ornamental iron fence together, the team at Alpine Fence Co. would be happy to help!
  • Special & Unique Fences – When you’re looking for specialty or unique fencing options in the Seattle, WA area, Alpine Fence Co. is the team to call! We can craft your commercial space custom iron gates and fencing, specialty picket or wood fences, and everything in-between. Our specialty options ensure that we can accommodate your every request, no matter the scope.
Commercial Fencing Service in Seattle, WA

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The Benefits of Investing in A Commercial Fence

  • Security – When you own a commercial business or property, you want to ensure your employees and assets are adequately guarded. Investing in a commercial fence that provides ample security is your best line of defense against trespassers and theft. By having a commercial fence installed at your property, you take the necessary steps to prevent any outside sources from affecting your commercial business.
  • Privacy – Depending on your type of commercial business, the privacy of your employees or your clientele may be of utmost importance. By investing in a fence that provides ample privacy, you are communicating that you value the privacy and safety of those on your commercial property. Privacy fencing options also ensure proper access and traffic control. With the appropriate fencing, you become able to control who can go where on your property.
  • Curb Appeal – When you invest in fencing for security and privacy reasons, you also want to make sure this investment is adding value to your commercial space. You need a fence that is efficient while simultaneously attractive. At Alpine Fence Co., we will help you find a fencing solution that works to complement your building and commercial grounds. We offer a plethora of options, from ornamental iron to chain link fences, that are sure to add curb appeal to your property.

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When you need local fencers to create and install wooden or chain-link fences on your commercial property, who better to call than the seasoned team at Alpine Fence Co.? We are 100% bonded and insured, so you know you can trust that our work will meet your standards of excellence and deliver a visually-appealing, purposeful fence for your commercial space. Contact us now for a free estimate so we can begin your commercial fencing project as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you!

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