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We have a variety of wood fences that will provide your Seattle, WA commercial, or residential property with the privacy, security, and curb appeal you need. When you choose our team for comprehensive building and installation services, you decide to hire a quality contractor that uses only the very best materials in the industry. For nearly five decades, we have proudly dedicated ourselves to serving Seattle with excellent services. When it comes to customer care, integrity, and skill, there is no better team to call for your next fencing project.

The Wood Fences We Offer Our Seattle, WA Property Owners

When you need cost-effective and beautiful fencing services in Seattle, WA for your property, the team at Alpine Fence Co. has a plethora of solutions you can choose from. Here are some of the styles we provide for wood fences:

  • Estate – Estate wood fences are an attractive and cost-effective fencing option.
  • Hi-5 – This wooden fence option offers galvanized panels great for holding areas, building corrals, and more.
  • Horizontal – This modern fence style offers the same security as a traditional option, but the fence boards are installed horizontally instead of vertically.
  • Modified Panel – Modified panel wood fencing offers a way to add a gorgeous framed finish along the top of your fence.
  • Split Rail – This informal, open, and natural-looking fencing option offers a rustic look and takes little time to build and install.

No matter which fence type you choose, our team is dedicated to “Building Better Fences,” which ensures you’ll receive quality work every time. Not sure what kind of fence is best for your budget and property? No worries! We not only offer free estimates, but we can also weigh in on which wood fences best suit your lifestyle.

Wood Fencing Services in Seattle, WA

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Estate Fence in Seattle, WA
Hi-5 Fence by Alpine Fence Co
Horizontal Fence by Alpine Fence Co
Wood Fencing in Seattle, WA
Wood 3 Rail Split Rail Fence
Modified Panel With Specialty Top by Alpine Fence Co. In
Modified Panel With Specialty Top
Modified Panel With Square Lattice Top 1
Modified Panel With Square Lattice Top 1
Modified Panel 2 Fence in Seattle, WA
Modified Panel 2
Modified Panel 3 Wood Fences in Seattle, WA
Wooden fence in Seattle, WA
Modified Panel 4

The Benefits of Wood Fences

When it’s time to add fencing to your commercial or residential property, it can be hard to choose between the various options. At Alpine Fence Co., we know fences. Though chain link fences are a popular option, wood fences offer benefits that may be more suitable for your fencing needs. These benefits include the following:

  • Affordable – In contrast to metal fences and other popular fencing options, wood fences are typically much less expensive due to the lower prices of the materials. Since wood is a naturally occurring and abundant resource, its prices stay relatively low. Additionally, when any part of a wooden fence needs to be replaced, you will generally only need to replace a single plank or post, rather than an entire section. This makes any necessary repairs quick and easy!
  • Durable – If you’re looking to invest in an aesthetically-pleasing and highly-durable fencing option, wood fences are the way to go. When professionally installed by the seasoned team at Alpine Fences Co., wood fences can last for decades. Wood fences are also a superior option when it comes to resisting impact compared with other fencing options, such as vinyl.
  • Adaptable – Wood fences can be painted or stained any color you could imagine. The possibilities or endless! This makes it accessible to perfectly match your fencing to the rest of your property. Also, with wood, you have the option of re-painting it a different shade at some point during its lifespan, which can be an appealing quality to potential buyers down the road.
  • Valuable – Wood fences do more than just increase your Seattle, WA homes curb appeal; they will also increase its property value. Wooden fencing options are highly versatile, making them accessories many potential home buyers love. If your home has correctly installed and well-maintained wood fences, it could easily set your home above and beyond the competition.

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No matter the reason you want to invest in a wood fence, the team at Alpine Fence Co. is here to assist. Our professionals provide free estimates and have the skills necessary to meet your fencing needs. We also carry an extensive range of materials for do-it-yourself residential and commercial fencing needs. Give us a call today, and we’d be happy to discuss your fencing project.