Repairing & Maintaining Your Fence

No matter what type of fence you have, it is a costly investment that should be maintained to preserve its longevity and beauty. Regular maintenance is crucial to the well-being of your fence. A simple inspection and minor repairs will ensure it performs to its full potential for many years to come, and our experts at Alpine Fence Co. can help ensure that!

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The Importance of Proper Fence Maintenance

Maintaining your fence is vital to the longevity and performance of your fence. Normal wear and tear are inevitable. Therefore, it’s essential to clean and inspect the fence regularly to avoid costly repairs or significant damage to the structure. Some fencing materials require more maintenance and should be handled by a professional.

Fence Inspections

Walking or driving along the perimeter of your fence and checking for signs of damage or corrosion is a good idea. Check for debris buildup or rust, minor issues that you can settle on your own. If you see more significant damage, call the reliable experts at Alpine Fence Co., and we will send someone to assess the damage and remedy the problem.

Repairing Your Damaged Fence

If your fence posts are broken or rotting, it is crucial to replace them, as they are the support system of your entire fence. Use splits to keep them upright until you can get one of our professionals to your property to replace and repair the damage. Be sure to treat repairs as emergencies to avoid your fence failing.

How to Keep Your Fence Looking New

A crisp, well-kept fence adds curb appeal and character to a residential or commercial property. To ensure your fence stays attractive and sturdy, and free of cracks, warping, or flaking paint, it is vital to maintain it properly. Different materials require different types of maintenance, and our professionals are here to guide you to keep your fence on track for the long haul.

Wood Fence Maintenance

Wood fences are gorgeous but require slightly more maintenance than other fencing materials. It is recommended to stain your wooden fence at least once per year. In climates like Seattle with more rain, you should stain 2-3 times. Stain helps protect the fence from moisture and other harmful elements by creating a barrier. Use UV-resistant products to maintain the natural color.

Iron Fence Maintenance

Iron materials are susceptible to rust, eating away at the metal. Clean your iron fence using a wire brush and hose and remove built-up debris. Do this on a warm day when the sun can dry your fence. If you find rust spots, scrape them off and treat them with an anti-rust treatment to avoid the rust spreading and causing more damage.

Fence Maintenance You Can Do

Regular inspections and maintenance will protect your fence from further damage. Ensure your sprinkler system points away from your fence to lessen moisture exposure. Clean your fence several times a year to maintain its beauty and prevent harmful elements from corroding the materials.

Choose Alpine Fence Co. for Fencing Maintenance & Repair

The professionals at Alpine Fence Co. have maintained, installed, and repaired the Seattle area’s fences since 1970. We know what kind of maintenance is required to combat the unpredictable weather we experience. We work diligently to ensure our customers have secure fencing solutions that remain intact for years. Our team of experts can help you understand how to maintain your fence and save money!

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If you want to ensure the longevity and curb appeal of your fence, maintenance, inspections, and repairs are mandatory. Alpine Fence Co. understands every aspect that goes into protecting a fence from decay and how to keep it looking shiny and new. Contact us today to find out how we can bring your fence back to life with our expert services!

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