Commercial Fencing in Seattle, WA

Commercial or Residential Fencing

Alpine Fence Co. specializes in commercial or residential fencing using wood, chain link and iron for all your fencing projects. We also sell materials for Do-It-Yourself projects.

Speciality Fencing Alpine Fence Co

Free Estimate

We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate. Listed below are a few questions to think about:

  1. What is the purpose for the fence?
  2. Do I want privacy?
  3. Do I want security?
  4. Can I have both privacy and security?
  5. How high can my fence be?
  6. How do my neighbors fit into the picture?
  7. Who takes down the old fence?
  8. Who hauls the old fence away?
  9. Where are my property lines?
  10. Where are my underground utility lines?

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